Bachelor Party Do’s And Don’ts

When one of your best pals becomes engaged, there’s a good chance you may become his best man. There are many responsibilities, but the one that can be the most fun is the bachelor party. If you are a veteran of attending multiple bachelor parties, you are ahead of the game. In no time you can throw together a great weekend full of anything goes activities that would thrill any man who is soon to be the groom. Let’s face it, not too many of us have even been to one bachelor party, much less more than one. While I can’t help you with all the planning, I can give you some tips on how to navigate the basics. When you plan the bachelor party, you remember these dos and don’ts for a successful guys weekend in the mountains.

Don’t Do This The Evening Before The Wedding Ceremony

I can’t stress this to you enough, this is one of the worst ideas of all time. Dragging the groom to the alter after a night of beer pong and drunk Jenga is going to be a drag. Sure it may seem like the ideal time. Everyone will be in town for the wedding weekend, but letting everyone go to the bachelor party is not a prudent thing to do. You don’t want any disasters to happen at the alter due to a hungover groom.

Do have the bachelor party at least 2 weeks before the wedding. Ultimately, the weekend you choose will be based on the schedule of friends. Which brings us to the next don’t.

Don’t Let The Party Guests Be A Surprise

Remember, inviting everyone to the bachelor party is a lousy idea. For starters, it will really limit what things you can do. Also, your budget will be through the roof. When there’s a large group of people, you can end up with some cheapskates that will mooch off of everyone. Since you, as the best man will be throwing this together, you will invariably end up with more of the expenses on your dime. So just cross these guys off the list altogether.
Most importantly, you don’t want to unwittingly invite someone who will make the groom uncomfortable. For example, he may feel uncomfortable having members of the bride’s family attending the event. Perhaps he doesn’t want anyone he works with as the party guest.

Do run your preliminary list by the groom. He may have other friends from way back in the day he wants to be invited. There could be a guy he knows is obnoxious when he starts drinking. Take him off the list! Do whatever it takes to curate the perfect guest list.

Don’t Let The Groom Shell Out Any Cash

This is his night, weekend, and you, as the best man, must make sure the groom has a great time. No money is allowed to come out of the groom’s pockets! While it doesn’t have to be expensive, it probably won’t be cheap. As the best man, you must make sure to get the cash or plan to charge much of the expenses.

Do get together with the guys and collect a cash stash in advance. You can do this easily via Venmo or Cash app. Set a budget and plan on extras for unexpected incidentals – Lyft fares, drinks at a club, a Gatlinburg stripper, paid parking, etc.

Planning a bachelor party is not complicated. Once you get the fundamentals down, getting the rest of the party going is simple. Keep these dos’ and don’ts in mind, and you will make his last fling before the ring more fun than

Published by Hannah Swift

Here to party and hike. Love the Great Smoky Mountains! Having a blast in my hometown of Pigeon Forge, TN.

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